Excelssior Education Society's
K.C.College of Engineering And Management Studies And Reserch



EXCELSSIOR EDUCATION SOCIETY is an educational  and charitable trust founded in 1978 and over the year has metamorphosed into an ideal educational complex. The society was only possible with the zealous ardent effort of Dr.Mrs.Harssh khanna and her husband Late.Mr.K.C. Khanna. Their vision of things was unparallel  and so also the practical and hands on approach which has helped the next generation of equally capable leadership to develop Excelssior Education Society. Under the umbrella of Excelssior Education Society several institutes are committed to provide trained manpower by augmenting management  thoughts and ethos in the country  through business protagonist with knowledge and courage to foster.

The stupendous success has enthused the Society to go for further project of MMS which is approved by AICTE affiliated to the University of Mumbai.

Why KC Engineerig?

  • It will enhance your ability to formulate new ideas and look beyond the obvious which is necessary to succeed in today’s technology.
  • Helps you in spotting new opportunities and abilities to take calculated  risk enabling you to achieve the competitive edge.
  • Assist you to create self awareness and reflection.


The teaching faculty  works with 4P’s---Perspective, Purpose ,Patience and Pride.
We ask questions, from the simplest to the most complex, with the expectation that we will not be judged for our lack of knowledge.Rather,we may be judged for our insight or curiosity.
Teaching at KC is highly practical and focused on what the industry needs as it is evolved through constant interaction with leading professional who are a part of the Industry.

A Deacade of Driving Innovation

“Perseverance, passion for excellence, respect for one’s culture and zest for one’s life,KC is one of the few institutes, where this combination is available in plenty.KC  is catalyst for innovation.KC has under its umbrella a wide range of activities apart from education that underlines its vision of nation building.KC –cians are always at an edge with their counterparts owing to the well researched curriculum and a host of extra curricular activities that lead  to a successful professional as well as personal development.Excellsior Education Society’s KC College of engineering established in 2001, is approved by AICTE and affiliated  to University of Mumbai.

  • Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • Computer Engineering.
  • Information Technology.
  • Electronics Engineering.
  • MMS(MBA).