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K.C.College of Engineering And Management Studies And Research

Department Of Information Technology

Departmental Profile:

The bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology is designed to prepare students to plan, organize, manage, design, configure and implement information systems using state of the art technologies, methods, techniques and tools. The program meets their demands for designer and developer of software intensive information systems. With the Indian software advancing in the last few years, there is an increasing demand in IT industry for trained computer professionals with thorough knowledge of application of IT to industries and enterprises.

  • Name of the Department: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  • Intake: 60
  • Year of Establishment: 2001

Departmental Vision:

To change face of the word with the various upcoming information Technologies, in field of Industry and Education.

Departmental Mission:

  • To Transform the students into innovative, competent and high quality IT professionals to meet growing global challenges.

  • To impact value-based IT education to the students and enrich their knowledge.

  • To Endeavour for continuous up gradation of technical expertise of students to cater to the needs of the society.

  • To achieve an effective interaction with industry for mutual benefit.

IT Department Achievement For Academic Year 2015-16

  • Best Department Award
  • Best Class Award “ BE-IT”
  • Best Teacher Award “ Ms. Monali Patil”
  • Best Student Award “ Ms. Arti Jani”

Program Educational Objectives:

  • To prepare Learner’s with a sound foundation in the basics of engineering fundamentals.
  • To prepare Learner’s to use effectively modern programming tools to solve real life problems.
  • To prepare Learner’s for successful career in Indian and Multinational Organizations and to excel in Postgraduate studies.
  • To encourage and motivate Learner’s for entrepreneurship.
  • To inculcate professional and ethical attitude, good leadership qualities and commitment to social responsibilities in Learners.
  • To encourage Learner to use best practices and implement technologies to enhance information security and enable compliance, ensuring confidentiality, information integrity, and availability.

Program Outcomes:

  • Ability to effectively apply knowledge of computing and mathematics to computer science problems.
  • Ability to design, implement and evaluate computer-based components, information, systems, processes or programs, information to meet desired needs and specifications.
  • Ability and skills to effectively use state-of-the-art techniques and computing tools for analysis, design, and implementation of information technology systems and technologies.
  • Ability to function effectively as a member of a team assembled to undertake a common goal.
  • An understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security, and social issues and responsibilities.
  • Ability to communicate effectively to both technical and nontechnical audiences.
  • The ability to successfully pursue professional development thru lifelong learning.

Scope and Career Option:

  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Networks
  • Wireless Communication
  • Multimedia System
  • Web Development
  • Database Management System
  • Image Processing
  • Computer Graphics
  • Game Development